Entrance Application
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Have you been fitting shoes for years but don’t have recognition of your skill and knowledge?
Do you feel undervalued and would like to feel more confident about your ability to fit shoes and advise the public correctly?

If you have been measuring feet and fitting shoes for more than 5 years, why not gain the ultimate accolade and qualify as a member of the Society of Shoe Fitters? Don’t panic if you have not put pen to paper since your schooldays and if you are not computer literate, this application is all about you and what you know, your industry experience and your work ethic. Without doubt you will surprise yourself at how straightforward this application is and how much you have learned over the years! Membership is only via qualification, and our 5 and 10 month courses are for those new to the industry or wanting to learn more, but our Entrance Application will take into account your career history and your response to our questions will be purely upon personal experience.

We are very aware that the abilities of people working in shoe shops vary greatly. Many are purely shop assistants with no knowledge of gauges, how feet work, assessing problem feet, or indeed how to fit correctly, but thankfully there is also a vast number of an experienced fitters who know a tremendous amount about all these topics and more. These are people who do the job well and we would be proud to recommend them as members. If you know you do the job to a high standard then this Entrance Application for you! There is an alternative Entrance Examination and you are welcome to pursue either one, but this Application is based on your experience in addition to answering straightforward questions about the way you pursue your career.

As you know there is no legal obligation to know anything about feet or footwear to sell shoes, but there is a moral obligation! With standards dropping and children’s footwear being sold online without any professional assessment, it is time to help fly the flag for fitting and let the public and your colleagues know there is a much better way….

We look forward to welcoming you as a member, so download the document below for more information and without obligation. If you have any queries, please email our Secretary (you can click the link above).

Please click here to download: ENTRANCE APPLICATION