Whether you are a shoe retailer, chiropodist, podiatrist, member of the public, local MP…or just love feet and footwear, the Society of Shoe Fitters aims to help you with your enquiries. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter and at some footwear exhibitions including MODA.

Shoes are not just an accessory they are the only item of clothing that can seriously damage your health. There are no two pairs of shoes the same, no two gauges are calibrated the same and no two pairs of feet are a standard size and shape. This is why all ages should have their feet measured and fitted professionally. Our members will be pleased to serve you professionally and make no extra charge for doing so. Make your feet and footwear feel great and look good for longer, by finding a member of the Society of Shoe Fitters.
Do you want to buy a retail outlet/stock/shop fitting or looking for
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We can offer a full qualification or simply an instore training day developed to your needs. For those already highly experienced in the art of
shoe fitting, there is a new Entrance Application or Entrance Examination - take your pick! Both lead to membership and can be viewed
without obligation from this website.
For more information contact
Tel. +44 (0)1953-851171 Email: Click Here
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GEORGE PAISH – of Bill Bird Bespoke Shoes